Return Policy

Roudybush, Inc. strives to ship all of our products out to meet our premium brand standards, however, accidents happens. We only accept returns within a 30 day window from the ship date and under the following circumstances.

  • Manufacturer Defect – Under the rare situation a customer receives product that does not meet our production standards. It is not a manufacturer defect if the bird does not like our products.
  • In house discrepancy – Roudybush entered an order incorrectly into the system or Roudybush shipped an incorrect item.
Please note, Roudybush will not accept returns on out of date products. All returns must be approved before they are returned. To resolve these issues Roudybush will either issue a credit or send a replacement. However, the item in question must be available for pick up if needed. The following information must be collected for manufacture defects, the lot number and best if used by date.
Please contact one of our customer service representatives if you have any questions or concerns at 800-326-1726.